Sunday, January 21st, 2018
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WBRG Radio

Mike developed the WBRG website as a responsive layout.

There are basically 3 different layouts using the same code files.

One layout is the full size and will display if your browser resolution is at least 659 pixels wide. The "full" layout displays the WBRG logo at the top left and an optional top right module position.The catch phrase and phone number is shown below the logo and top right module position. The menu is loaded to the left of the content area. Below the content area there is a horizontal menu. The very bottom of the site is the footer text. The background color is red. K2 images are displayed at 500px wide.

The second layout is what displays if your browser resolution is 620 - 659 pixels wide. The "middle" layout the background changes to white. The logo changes from transparent background to a red background. The catch phrase and phone number text changes to red. The menu moves from the left of the content to below the content.

The final layout is for anyone who's browser resolution is less than 620 pixels wide. The "mobile" layout the link colors are changed to blue. K2 images are now 400px wide.

You can see the layouts response to your browser resolution if you change the width of the window your browser is displayed in. (Click the RESTORE DOWN squares in the upper right of your browser if you are displaying the browser in the MAXIMIZE position. Then you can drag the right side left and right to change the browser width.)


  • Joomla
  • Simple Image Gallery Pro
  • Frontpage Slideshow
  • Xmap
  • Akeeba Backup
  • K2