Sunday, January 21st, 2018
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Mike Oles Portfolio

Mike developed the Mike Oles Portfolio site as a responsive layout.

There are basically 3 different layouts using the same code files.

One layout is the full size and will display if your browser resolution is at least 1076 pixels wide. The "full" layout displays the Mike Oles Portfolio header at the top left and phone numbers and city in the upper right. The content area consists of a frontpage slideshow with descriptions, navigation and slides. There is menu at the bottom to take you to Mike's development site or his photography site.

The second layout is what displays if your browser resolution is 836 - 1075 pixels wide. The "middle" layout is similar to the "full" layout except we loose the slide descriptions and navigation.

The final layout is for anyone who's browser resolution is less than 836 pixels wide. The "mobile" layout centers the Mike Oles Portfolio header and drops the address and phone numbers below the header. The slideshow goes away but you still have the bottom menu to navigate to Mike's sites.

You can see the layouts response to your browser resolution if you change the width of the window your browser is displayed in. (Click the RESTORE DOWN squares in the upper right of your browser if you are displaying the browser in the MAXIMIZE position. Then you can drag the right side left and right to change the browser width.)

Mobile View - Medium View - Full View


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